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We often hear of hacked Instagram accounts and fake profiles used to fool the audience. IT security therefore becomes imperative even on the most talked-about social network of the moment.

Let’s start with a basic assumption: passwords should always be alphanumeric, possibly different from those we use for other accounts and should be updated from time to time.

If this were not enough to reassure us, we could resort to two-factor authentication.

What is it?

For those who still do not know it, two-factor authentication is a – decisive – security solution: it provides for the adoption of an additional temporary password (compared to the one set to access our Instagram profile). This secondary password will be sent via SMS, e-mail or voice call to our smartphone every time we make a new login on Instagram.

In short, once you enter your username and password, Instagram will ask us for this new password that a hacker will not be able to access because it is only available on our smartphone.

How to activate two-factor authentication?

Nothing could be simpler. First of all, it is available for both Android and iOS. Simply launch the Instagram app, click on the bottom right of the icon that gives access to our profile and, by clicking on the three horizontal lines icon, we will access the Settings. Just scroll down to the word Two-factor authentication: here, by pressing on starts, we can choose the preferred security method and proceed with the generation of the code.

In a few simple steps we will have made our account unassailable by hackers and we will be able to live more serene shares.

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